Dr. rutvi parikh

B.D.S (Consulting Dental Surgeon)

Dr. dhaval parikh

M.D.S (Pediatric Dental Surgeon)

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Most important part of any dental clnic for safety of patients.

Sound sterilization practices in dentistry protect patients, dentists and the whole dental team. They prevent the growth of bacteria on instruments and surfaces throughout the dental practice. They ensure that the germs in your mouth don’t make it into anyone else’s and that no one who’s been in the chair before you has passed along anything to you. We team PDC is dedicated to provide completely sterile environment to our patients and for that we follow following process. The overall process involves six basic steps. The procedures involve a smooth step-to-step flow and a dedicated location. The ideal flow is as follows: (1) receive dirty items at designated "dirty area, (2) move to soaking (holding) area, (3) move onto scrubbing/ultrasonic (cleaning) area, (4) move onto packaging, (5) sterilize, and (6) finally storage and distribution.

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